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Customer Testimonials

We believe our customers say it best. Every massage chair we sell provides incredible therapeutics, health benefits and relaxation. Below you will find what our customers are saying about our chairs!

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Testimonials for IT-9800


“By far the best massage chair on the market. All leather, comfortable enough to sleep in, economical – saves you the money and time from trips to the masseuse. The IT-9800 relieves back pain and fatigue. Relaxing!”  - Diane Kashlak

“I love my Infinity 9800 massage chair! The inversion therapy mode helps stretch and relieve pressure on my lower back.” - Dr. Wendy Weinstein, MD

“Great chair! Delivered deep massage in key points on my back. Most relaxing 15 minutes I have ever had!” - Noelle Leverentz

“This chair is really awesome. It really does a great job. The infrared heat helps your muscles as the chair does a fantastic job massaging them. I really loved the feeling.” - Robert Tiedmann

“Most amazing massage chair I’ve ever tried! Back, legs, it does it all!” - Fernando Mata