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3D Massage Chairs

Until recently, the typical massage chair included rollers that could only be adjusted length- and width-wise. Today, the 3D massage chair is gaining popularity due to its added flexibility: depth adjustment. 3D massage chairs are designed with rollers that can be set at different depth levels, providing a range of massage strengths.

These chairs cater to an even wider variety of people. One family member who likes a gentle massage can set the 3D massage roller at a barely-there intensity level, while another who prefers deep tissue massage can extend the roller to its highest level.

Each 3D zero gravity massage chair listed below offers a more effective massage than traditional chairs. A 3D zero G massage chair reclines your body so your legs are elevated above your heart. This boosts circulation, decreases the heart rate, and relieves the spine of tension and pressure. These effects are enhanced as the weight of your body is distributed throughout the chair and the powerful rollers work your spine and lumbar region.

Browse our selection of 3D massage chairs today to find something that suits the whole family.

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