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Testimonial of the Month: No Longer Go to a Masseuse or Chiropractor!

The Massage Chair Store is excited once again to share our testimonial of the month! This time, we hear from recent customer, Debbie, who purchased the Presidential by Infinity Massage Chairs: Love it. Heated rollers make a huge difference. No longer go to a masseuse or chiropractor. I use this… Read More

Testimonial of the Month: Too Good Not to Share!

Here at the Massage Chair Store, there’s nothing we value more than feedback from our customers. That’s why we will be putting a testimonial in the spotlight every month! The first comes from our recent customer Steve, who had some extremely kind words to share. Read about his experience below… Read More

Why Alcohol and Massage Don’t Get Along

Did you know alcohol and massage pose a dangerous combination? Your first thought may be, How can these two great, relaxing activities be bad together? Read on to find out why you shouldn’t indulge in alcohol immediately before, after, or during a session in your massage chair. Effects of Alcohol… Read More

Ogawa Active SuperTrac: Two Massage Chairs in One!

Ogawa is a leader when it comes to massage chair innovation, and the Ogawa Active SuperTrac perfectly demonstrates their technological advances. How is this Ogawa Active like two massage chairs in one? It all comes down to its unique SuperTrac technology. Read on to learn more about how this feature… Read More

11 Tricks to Beat Winter Blues

On some winter days, it’s truly a struggle to keep our spirits up and a smile on our faces. Studies have shown that four to six percent of Americans experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during the cold, short days of winter, especially those living in the northern states where sunlight… Read More

Benefits of Foot Massage

Foot massage is more than just a luxury or means of relaxation. In fact, the list of foot massage benefits is quite extensive. There’s a reason people have been practicing this alternative therapy for over 5,000 years! Then, the Europeans invented reflexology in the late 1800s. Foot reflexology is the… Read More

Massage Chair Store Features the All-New Infinity Altera Massage Chair

The Massage Chair Store has recently welcomed the latest from Infinity Massage Chairs, the Altera. This brand new model offers an extremely soothing experience for a wide variety of people. The Altera was designed for petite users, who often struggle to find a massage chair that truly fits them and… Read More Black Friday Sales

It seems like the holiday ads start earlier and earlier with each passing year, which means the stress of gift shopping starts earlier each year, too. Beat that stress and get ahead on your shopping with Black Friday sales on the Massage Chair Store! Now is the perfect time to… Read More

Scary Good Savings on

This Halloween, the Massage Chair Store sales are so good they’re scary! Check out our site to view all current massage chairs for sale, or visit our showroom at our new location in Seabrook, NH. We’re now located less than a half hour from Portsmouth and only an hour from… Read More

Massage Chair Quick Tips Ep. 4

Learn how to clean and care for your massage chair in Episode 04 of Massage Chair Quick Tips. It’s important to maintain your chair so that you can enjoy it in peak condition for many years! Simply follow our easy steps to keep your chair shiny as new! If you… Read More