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Human Touch HT - 7450 Massage Chair (OUT OF STOCK)

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This beautifully designed leather recliner hides the most human-like professional massage, providing you with a fully customized back, leg, and foot massage at the touch of a button. You have to feel it to believe it. The revolutionary patented Human Touch Technology is as close as you can get to the therapeutic techniques used by back and spinal care professionals. So close that is the preferred technology of the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists. It is uniquely designed and shaped to follow the natural contour of your spine, and move three-dimensionally in four different modes.

Take the Weight of the World Off Your Back.On earth, there's no escaping gravity. But now there is a way to escape the soreness, tension and fatigue its constant pulling has on the back.

The Human Touch HT-7450 is the world’s first massage chair that incorporates the latest advances in both massage and back-care technology to virtually defy gravity's adverse effects. As the HT-7450 reclines, its back, seat and footrest synchronously move to position the body in a virtually weightless condition - the ideal posture for massage. From there the patented human touch massage system goes to work, providing a deep, invigorating massage of the neck, back and legs, leaving you feeling refreshed and recharged.

The HT-7450 is not just an amazing display of technology; its designer look is also a great addition to the décor of your home or office. Its design has made the HT-7450 a 2009 ADEX Silver award winner for design excellence, a 2008 Consumer Electronic Show Award Honoree and featured in the 2008 Housewares Design Awards as a finalist in the furniture category. With a stylish, refined design and top-grain leather this massage chair looks the part both in your office and your living room.

Human Touch HT-7450 Massage Chair Details:

Adjustable headrest: Position it for massage, or just to relax and even sleep in pure zero-gravity comfort

Acupoint Detection System: The technology scans the entire length of the back, creating a map of key target areas to focus on for relieving tension during your massage.

Memory Foam Seat Cushion: takes the pressure off of pinched nerves and joint pain

8 Point Pulsating Seat Massage System: This precisely designed luxurious feature targets pressure points of the sciatic nerve along the buttocks and upper hamstrings to assist in lower back pain relief.

Versatile and powerful rotating massager can change to suit your needs as a calf massager, or foot massager with manual rollers and width adjustment to make a perfect fit while melting away stress and fatigue.

Dual Lumbar Heaters: Two lumbar heat modules gently warm the lower back muscles, gradually reducing tightness and pain. Heat calms and soothes back muscles, preparing them for a more restorative massage and faster healing.


Rolling: Feels like the gentle hands of a massage therapist, pressing firmly on one side of your spine. It relieves tension and loosens the muscles to prepare your back for deeper massage.

Kneading: Feels like thumbs pressing firmly in a circular motion on both sides of the spine. This therapeutic motion goes deeper, lifting and stretching muscles to improve circulation.

Kneading + Percussion: In this function, three motors are employed to give you a vigorous deep-tissue massage. This is the most intense, aggressive massage available.

Compression: (HTT exclusive) Feels like the heels of a professional therapist's hands firmly pushing on your muscles alongside your spine , and inward toward the spine itself. This mode aids in improving mobility and posture.

Percussion: Feels like fists or the edge of hands rapidly tapping on your back muscles. This is the deep muscle therapy popular in sports medicine. It flexes spinal joints, relieves pressure, and invigorates your entire back.

Rotating Multi-Speed Foot and Calf Massager: It's ideal to massage the calves in an upward, rolling or wave-like fashion. This motion forces blood away from the feet and toward the core of the body. Only Human Touch offers this patented technology. The width and intensity of the foot and calf massager can be adjusted and customized.

Massage Comfort Number: With 7 levels of intensity you can customize your massage. You can also use the Massage Comfort Number (in non-massage mode) to create a seating experience of unsurpassed comfort and relaxation.

8 Pre-Programmed Massages: 1.Sore Muscle Relief, 2.Sports & Back Therapy, 3.Leg/Foot/Hip Therapy, 4.Neck/Shoulders Relief, 5. After Work Stretch, 6. .Morning Energize, 7. Night time Soothing, 8. Auto Demo

Manual Up/Down: Manually moves massage rollers to desired location for kneading, compression and percussion.

  • 1 year in home
  • 3 year parts
  • 5 year structural
Operating Voltage110-120 VAC
Power Consumption120 watts
Automatic Timer Shut-Off15 Minutes
Recline Angle110-150 degrees
Massage Stroke Length27 Inches
Max Weight 285 lbs.
Cover Fabric Materials Uncorrected top-grain Anilin-dyed leather
Net Weight196 lbs
Massage RobotHuman Touch Technology

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