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Massage Chairs Sold & Delivered to Atlanta Georgia

We just received a call from a client from Atlanta, Georgia, who was using our online store to shop for new massage chair stores; he wanted to purchase a massage chair for his wife as a Christmas gift. He said that he was calling to confirm that we actually deliver products this far south; we told him that we make deliveries and shipments to clients all over the United States, from Georgia, all the way to California!

Upon hearing this, he was very excited, and said that he would complete his order, now that he knew we make deliveries down to Atlanta! He ended up purchasing an Infinity IT-9800 Inversion Massage Chair.  

We delivered a number of massage chairs and products down to Atlanta this month and last month, too! Take a look at our massage chair selection!

After our clients have had a chair for a few months, we always ask for feedback, because we want to improve our products and services as best as we can; one of the most common reviews we have received, is that the purchase was completely worth it, that within a few months the investment of the chair paid for itself!

A lot of Atlanta locals, said that the convenience of having their own chair was reason enough to pull the trigger on the purchase! After a long day of work, school, or whatever, it’s always a good feeling knowing you have a nice massage waiting for you when you get home!

You can now relax in your massage chair, with an adult beverage maybe, or a good book, or while watching Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons make a comeback this football season! Once you have your own massage chair you can relax whenever you want!

You will also no longer have to drive to the nearest parlor, sit in Atlanta traffic, or pay hundreds of dollars for an hour massage! You can sit in your chair for however long you want, with no extra charge!

Massage chairs can also help with chronic muscle pain and tension; whether you’re suffering from back pain, a stiff neck, or if your whole body hurts, there will be a specific feature on your massage chair that will work certain parts of your body!

If you’re shopping online, which you probably will be since you live in Georgia, there is a live chat option, where you can as an associate any question you may have, and if it’s during business hours, the response time will be pretty quick! If it is after business hours, an email will be sent to our email, and we will reply with an answer the very next business day!

We also offer free shipping! That’s right, even though you live in Georgia, and we’re way up north in New Hampshire, all shipment services are free! Also, if you need help installing your chair, we will help assemble the chair for a small fee!

For more information about our massage chairs, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-700-1022.