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Massage Chairs Sold & Delivered in Texas

Our massage chair store is located in Kingston New Hampshire, but thanks to our online store, we are able to sell our chairs and products to clients all over the United States; Texas was one of the recent deliveries we have made over the last few months!

As you know, Texas isn’t down the street from Kingston NH, but as mentioned above, we deliver chairs to any client in the United States! Residents of the second biggest and most populous state in the county love to relax in our massage chairs!

Over the last few months we have delivered a variety of makes and models across the state of Texas; some of these models include: Infinity, Human Touch, Omega and Osaki. We of course sell a variety of other chairs; these were just the more recent models to be purchased from the state of Texas!

We understand that purchasing a massage chair is a sizeable investment, however, many of our clients, in Texas and across the country, have said that this investment paid for itself in just a few months!

Think about it: you no longer have to go to a massage parlor for a massage! Do you know how much it costs to receive a massage at a parlor? It costs about a hundred dollars PER HOUR to receive a massage. If you go once a month for an hour or two, the cost adds up pretty quickly!

When you’re at a parlor, you’re not in the comfort of your own home, you won’t be able to enjoy a massage while reading a book, watching television, eating a snack, or enjoying a nice drink!

When you purchased a massage chair from us, you can enjoy a massage while doing all of those things; eating, sleeping, watching TV, reading, etc. And you have the luxury of enjoying a nice massage whenever you want! Nothing is better than sitting back in your chair after a long day of work! Having relaxation at your fingertips is the best feeling in the world!

Our chairs can help you relax whenever you feel stressed, tired or sore! These chairs can help with any chronic muscle pain or tension you’re feeling; whether you’re feeling tightness in your back, quads, or feet, our chairs have the features to relieve pain just about anywhere! They can also help reduce blood pressure and relieve stress!

Since you’re shopping from Texas, and you can’t just drive down to the showroom if you have any questions, there is a chat option on the site; this live chat option allows you to ask any question you may have to one of our expert associates. He or she will help you find what you are looking for, and explain differences between models, features, etc.

For more information about our massage chairs, feel free to call the showroom at 1-800-700-1022. We are looking forward to helping you relax in your new massage chair!

Below you will find some of the recent cities and towns in Texas where we sold and delivered our chairs to: