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Panasonic EP-MA70

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Drift away in the soothing embrace of the EP-MA70 Real Pro Thermal Massage Chair. This leading-edge massage chair is designed to deliver the benefits of the original hot stone massage therapy. Ceramic heaters are integrated into the massage rollers, providing deep, soothing and comforting heat for the entire duration of your massage. Rather than simply offering stationary infrared heat, this cutting-age chair gives you warmth throughout your massage to target those trouble spots and deliver heat to where you need it most.

Knots and tension often collect in the shoulders, neck and upper back, so the EP-MA70 anticipates the needs of your muscles and joints, melting away strain and uncomfortable muscle stiffness. A unique airbag system works to simultaneously stretch and contract, improving the flexibility of the waist, lumbar region, legs, calves and feet. The total-body massage options of this energizing chair gives you a world of options at your fingertips including six auto-programs such as Refresh, Deep, Shiatsu, Hip, Neck & Shoulders and the Lower Back. Make your massage custom-tailored to your needs with a chair that can anticipate them for you.

The MA70 Real Pro Thermal massage chair epitomizes innovation and style, and it’s backed by the Panasonic name – a brand that has been known and trusted for more than 40 years. Panasonic's technology is designed specifically to promote a type of “3D Massage”

  • Six unique courses target fatigue, stiffness and body type
  • Voice navigation guides you through the massage process
  • The easy-to-use remote puts the power in your hands for a completely custom massage
  • Armrest massage follows the position of your body, whether upright or reclined
  • Total body massage targets the neck, trapezius, middle back, lower back, shoulders, arms, hands, bottom, hips, thighs, hamstrings and more

When not in use, the Panasonic MA70 uses stowaway footrests to become an aesthetically pleasing recliner.

Pelvic, Hip & Hamstring Massage
Airbags tilt and alternate between compression and decompression to stimulate the muscles and increase blood flow.

Shoulder Blade & Chest Stretch
Outer shoulder airbags compress and decompress using gentle heat to soothe, revive and refresh your muscles and open the chest to complete comfort.

Legs & Foot Massage Stretching
Gentle traction elongates the joins, decompresses muscles and promotes healthier, easier circulation for complete well-being.

Your body has more than 350 acupoints and over 100 throughout your neck and back alone. Through deep tissue, Shiatsu and more, this innovative chair utilizes heat and powerful massage therapy to activate the acupoints with varying intensity.

WARRANTY WITH PURCHASE:  1 Year Labor / 3 Years Parts Warranty.

The Panasonic EP-MA70 Massage Chair purchase includes a comprehensive One Year Labor and 3 Year Parts Warranty.  


  • Product Length: 79.6
  • Product Width: 37
  • Product Height: 26
  • Product Weight (lbs): 191


  • Product Length: 79.6
  • Product Width: 37
  • Product Height: 45

Max Weight Capacity: Approx. 264 lbs

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