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Panasonic EP1285

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Treat your senses to complete comfort and relaxation with the Panasonic EP1285 massage chair. Very much the next step in massage replication technology, this powerful chair replicates a true, human massage with the latest and greatest technologies. Between beautiful aesthetics and a power-packed design, this chair is sure to be your go-to massage product.

The Panasonic EP1285 offers the user an incredible choice of massage options including Swedish, Deep Tissue Shiatsu and a Chiro-mode that is completely custom to Panasonic massage chairs. Designed to massage and melt away stress and tense muscles, this plush chair relaxes stiff and tired muscles to re-energize your body. Target your lower back, middle or neck and shoulder area with the sweeping 27” massage stroke and nine unique massage modes including Shiatsu, Swedish, Kneading, Hawaiian, Compression, Percussion, Rolling and Tapping.

You can expect the following from your EP-1285:

  • Nine unique massage functions including Swedish, Kneading, Hawaiian, Percussion, Chiropractic, Compression, Rolling, Tapping and Shiatsu
  • The benefits of therapeutic acupressure
  • Versatility between two and four rollers for extreme comfort
  • 27-inch massage stroke for full-body massage coverage, as well as excellent back support
  • Adjustable width for your back and height
  • Endorsed by American chiropractors who back Panasonic’s 25 years of therapy products

What can a Panosonic chair do for me?

Panasonic is a leader in the Massage chair industry with over 35 years of Massage Replication Technology expertise. By designing chairs to deliver the maximum amount of health benefits like musculoskeletal relaxation, Panasonic sets itself apart. Panasonic increases circulation, stimulates acupoints for boosting of natural energy and release of toxins and stress.

Air Ottoman Streamlines Your Lower Body Massage

The EP-1285 massage chair features 12 airbags throughout the Air Ottoman for a contoured massage experience unique for your legs, calves and feet. With advanced kneading techniques, the innovative massager loosens the muscles surrounding the shins and calves, while four airbags throughout the feet deliver controlled, soothing pressure.

Stretch Your Legs

The unique stretch function of the EP-1285 significantly relieves stiffness, tension and discomfort throughout your lower back, thighs and hips. Using the Air Ottoman System, it massages your lower legs and raises them in 20 degree increments to stretch and relieve.

Powerful Float Mechanism

The EP-1285 features an incredible Float Mechanism Technology, which is designed to simulate the movements of a masseuse’s hands. By doing so, it delivers a lifelike massage and allows it to perform distinct and signature massage actions for your body’s needs.

The Most Realistic Massage Chair

Never before has a massage chair felt so realistic and similar to the real thing. The EP-1285 is designed with 2 and 4 rubber massage heads that simulate professional massage techniques including thumb kneading, heel rolling and palm strokes.

Convenient Controller

Your remote is included with your EP-1285, giving you complete control and ease of use. Customize your massage with the touch of a button, and sink into relaxation.

Nine Key Massage Functions for Extreme Comfort

  • Swedish Massage – The two-roller massage system applies gentle, continuous pressure to the neck and shoulders. Roller heads change shape to accommodate for your body and deliver a customized massage for you.
  • Chiropractic Massage – This powerful massage technique deeply enhances your massage and promotes the fundamentals of good posture simply by stimulating those tired and drained muscles.
  • Kneading Massage – The firm, pressured massage tackles those troublesome areas of the neck and shoulders. By helping loosen fibrous muscles surrounding the spine, you can experience total-body relaxation.
  • Hawaiian Massage – This exotic massage is a gentle rubdown, soothing out the tense muscles and fibrous tissues throughout your back from the top of your neck to your tailbone. By stimulating your circulation and reducing tension, it’s a surefire way to experience total comfort.
  • Percussion Massage – Enjoy a body-sensing massage technique that targets those specific acupoints in your body to reduce tension and fatigue. It’s a deep pressure massage that is designed specifically to rejuvenate and revive your body.
  • Compression Massage – This massage technique takes a firm hand to troublesome and tired muscles throughout your back. Some say it might even improve your overall complexion, look and feel as it enhances circulation and increases nutrients and blood flow.
  • Tapping Massage – Enjoy an invigorating massage technique that simulates the motion of a masseuse’s hands along your back. Much like a rapid tapping, this is a massage style that’s sure to jump-start your day.

  • Shiatsu Massage – One of the most powerful and popular massage techniques is now available in the comfort of your own home. It’s a deep-tissue massage that stretches and rolls out tension and knots in your shoulders and back with two strong massage heads.
  • Rolling Massage – Gently stretch and elongate the muscles of your back. The deep, sweeping motions literally roll away the stiffness along your spine.

WARRANTY WITH PURCHASE:  1 Year Labor / 3 Years Parts Warranty.

The Panasonic EP-MA70 Massage Chair purchase includes a comprehensive One Year Labor and 3 Year Parts Warranty.

  • Product Length: 47
  • Product Width: 30.3
  • Product Height: 43.3
  • Product Weight (lbs): 172

Max Weight Capacity: Approx. 264 lbs

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