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The Panasonic EP-30007KX Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair surpasses expectations with its vigorous massage and wide range of options. Whether you’re in need of a quick refresher massage, or a deep massage to relieve distressing aches and pains the EP-30007KX has exactly what you are looking for.

Make massage your new best friend. The Panasonic EP30007KX Real Pro Ultra massage chair will be your partner in massage therapy. With a host of automatic massage functions and the greatest massage chair technology and innovations available, this chair is sure to meet your every need. Whether you’re suffering from fatigue, stiffness, tension or stress, the powerful EP30007KX promises a massage so realistic, you’ll swear it’s professional.

Choose from four unique pre-programmed massages in 15 minute increments, including Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep Tissue and a combination Arm & Leg Stretch massage. Add a five minute Refresher massage for a swift, powerfully-relieving massage function that revives tired muscles and breathes new life into your body. If a custom massage is more your cup of tea, choose from over 1,117 possible massage combinations. Voice-guided massage will give you the ultimate control, as well as the massage of your dreams.

Depth Adjustment and Innovative Pressure Sensor Technology
The EP30007kx Real Pro Ultra uses sophisticated sensor technology to essentially plot a digital “map” of your back. Because everyone is built differently, everyone needs a unique type of massage; the EP30007KX uses its sensor technology to deliver a massage specifically contoured and customized to your back’s shape and dimensions, with special emphasis on your spinal structure. This digital “map” instructs the rollers, and you can even program your lounger to focus more or less intensely on one specific region.

Junetsu Massage
Junetsu is a technique derived from the brief circular thumb movements of many professional massage therapists. This allows your EP30007kx to deliver a spot-specific massage to particularly tense areas on your body. Junetsu quickly and deeply penetrates through muscles and reverberates down to your bones, loosening up tight muscles with small spiral motions.

Total Body Coverage
This powerful chair offers 200 square inches of total back coverage alone, and an additional 296 square inches of coverage over your legs, hips, buttocks, and arms. That’s 496 square inches of coverage, which makes it the most yet.

Reflexology Massage
Using adjustable and removable plates around your feet, this innovative chair incorporates stimulating massage with three airbags per foot. Your feet have to carry a lot of weight and stress; why not give them the treatment they deserve?

The Flexible Ottoman and Auto-Recline
Panasonic’s EP30007kx boasts a versatile ottoman that will keep you rested even as it works to relieve your stress and tension. The ottoman features 12 airbags to give your legs a complete, contoured massage, with special attention to your calves and feet. The ottoman can be used open or closed, so you are guaranteed a perfect fit for your body regardless of your height.

Relax Your Arms & Hands
Advanced stretching and kneading armrests deliver unprecedented comfort and relaxation to your often-overlooked limbs. Effective arm and hand massage promotes proper circulation and warmth. Regular hand and wrist massage may also significantly alleviate pains associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Voice Guided Massage System
Panasonic has developed an intuitive remote user interface that features a built-in voice guide to help you pick the perfect massage program for you. After watching Panasonic’s short tutorial video, which is included with your chair, you will be able to program your chair like a pro.

There are around 350 accupoints in your body. Of these, 100 are located in your back and neck, alone. All of the EP30007kx’s massage techniques are specifically engineered to manipulate and relieve these accupoints, delivering a remarkably invigorating and effective massage.

Unlike most massage chairs, the EP30007kx can actually extend the massage rollers away from the chair and over your shoulders. Not only do these rollers massage the tops of your shoulders, but they can also pivot down to massage near your collarbone.

Stretching Your Hips & Thighs
Panasonic’s Real Pro Ultra gently grasps your legs and hips while lowering the calf and back rest. This “stretching” relaxes your body even and increases your range of motion. This stretching works in tandem with your massage because it improves the flow of blood throughout your body as the rollers relax your muscles.

Powerful Program Memory
You can create your own custom programs based on individual users, and your powerful massage chair will remember them! You can save up to 6 custom programs for 4 different users to the EP30007kx’s memory.

WARRANTY WITH PURCHASE:  1 Year Labor / 3 Years Parts Warranty.

The Panasonic EP-MA70 Massage Chair purchase includes a comprehensive One Year Labor and 3 Year Parts Warranty.

  • Product Length: 50
  • Product Width: 33.1
  • Product Height: 47.2
  • Product Weight (lbs): 172

Max Weight Capacity: Approx 264 lbs

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