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 Riage X3


 Experience a sophisticated favorite featuring the latest upgrades in massage chair technology in the Riage® X3.

This luxurious chair possesses a long list of restorative techniques and features. The Riage X3 provides complete relaxation with 3D massage technology and an L-track that massages from the neck down your spine all the way to your gluteus muscles. Enjoy pinpoint accuracy with every rub-down and choose from a variety of massage styles. Powerful foot rollers will provide relaxation to sore or swollen feet. Plus, users can easily control their Riage X3 with the mobile app, available for both Apple® and Android™. Indulge in stylish convenience with the Infinity Riage X3 today.


As a frontrunner in the massage chair industry, Infinity's mission is to deliver innovative solutions to unlimit wellness for all lifestyles.

Airbag Massage


Massage Techniques

Shoulders49" L-TrackShiatsu
Arms & Waist3D Massage TechnologyTapping
Lower WaistRocking TechnologyKnocking
Lumbar & ButtocksFour Wheel MechanismKneading
Legs & FeetZero GravitySync
 Spinal Correction & Waist TwistRhythm
 Lumbar Heat 
 Bluetooth Technology 
 Apple & Android App Functionality 
 Space-saving Technology 
 Body Scanning 

Adjustable strength to suit the entire family

The Riage X3 contains 3D technology that allows users to adjust the width, length, and depth (intensity) of the rollers for a more personalized massage.

 Experience Zero G's.

We can't promise space travel, but we can promise a great massage. The Zero Gravity feature brings you into a position where your body weight is evenly spread out across the chair. This, combined with all of the other massage features, helps improve overall well-being, blood circulation, stress, and calm down both body and mind – providing an out of this world relaxation experience! 


Never miss a muscle.

The chairs track's design utilizes a cutting edge a 49 inch stroke length. The revolutionary mechanism operates from your neck all the way down to under your gluteus muscles. This will invigorate and revive more of your being than any competing massage chair. The enhanced stroke length provides full coverage, leaving no muscles untouched.


Deep pressure along the spine.

 Along your spinal column are bundles of nerves that retain tension. Pressurized massage strokes travel all the way through the lumbar region in long, continuous strokes. As you sink into your chair, high-tech rollers knead out tension, relieve muscles, and improve blood flow.


Discover the L-Track.

The roller track has been tailored to cover the upper body to lower body from vertical to horizontal directions, resulting in its L-Track design. The vertical portion of its track has a natural "S" curve for the spine. This improves comfort and performance of the rollers against your spine to soothe stress and alleviate tension, providing long-lasting comfort. While the horizontal works down to the mid-thigh and glute area of your body for a whole-body massage experience. Also experience the latest back and forth metronome-based movement. This technology provides the classic rocking chair feeling for total relaxation.


  Your hips don't lie. Especialy when they're sore.

Tri-layer massage airbags around the hips mimic the motion of human hands. This occurs while two powerful airbags cause a twisting motion around the buttocks and thighs, acting like the strong hands of a profesional masseuse - delivering an invigorating massage that effortlessly rolls out tension. 


 Post leg day relief.

Because we normally hold tension in the feet, we set out to create a foot massager that is capable of melting knots away. In each foot unit of the massage chair, there are airbags partnered up with 3 rolling sole massagers. Each airbag is designed specifically to squeeze, knead, roll and swing the sole, arch, heel and ankle. Foot rollers contact pressure points, and melt away tension on the soles of your feet. Each leg of the massage chair features 12 individual airbags to provide a deep tissue massage that boosts blood circulation and gives your feet a healthier, revitalized feel.


 Make everyday arm day.

Airbags below both shoulders offer powerfully refreshing, kneading, rolling and twisting massage motions. Much like a professional massage, they provide the highest level of comfort and relaxation to areas with the most tension. Powerful airbags along the wrists offer a soothing wave-like motion to wipe away tension, promote circulation, and leave your arms feeling refreshed.


 Warm and relax your muscle stress. 

Because the majority of your stress is trapped throughout your back, the heating function is designed to soothe and prepare those muscles for the massage. Heating modules gently warm up to gradually reduce pain and tightness, as well as restore healthy circulation, and promote healthy muscles.


Good for you, and the enviornment.

Your massage chair uses a very low amount of energy (about 240W while in operation), and a steady and constant voltage. Because comfort shouldn't come with strings attached.


 A more personal touch.

Featuring Apple™ and Android™ apps, the chair's features can be operated right from your smartphone!



Surround your senses.

Whether you want to relax to Beethovan, or rock out to AC-DC, your massage chair enhances the musical experience. With high performance speakers surrounding your head, getting a massage becomes an experience like no other. Add a feature that massages you to the rythem of the music, and it becomes a whole new ballgame. The combination of soothing massage therapy and audio ambiance provides a truly one-of-a-kind therapeutic experience.


Massages. Day after day. Year after year.

When you invest in the massage chair of your dreams, we know you’re investing in the comfort and longevity that will last a lifetime. Our chair's material provide unparalleled wear resistance. We have tedious control checks, and have tested our chairs far beyond everyday usage. From soaking the outside layer in a potent dose of sodium hydroxide for 72 hours, to using the toughts materials to prevent tears, we take pride in the longevity of our products. From pets, to spills; our chairs handle it all. The material of your chair is easy to clean, protects against extreme temperatures, and is designed for simple care and maintenance. 


OPTIONAL:  1 Year Extended Parts Only Warranty:    $149.00

OPTIONAL:  2 Year Extended Parts Only Warranty:    $249.00



Length: 56"Length: 74"
Width: 33.5"Width: 33.5"
Height: 47"Height: 37"
Weight: 275 lbs

Customer Reviews

  • Review by:

    Review Rating

    Manual Mode

    The Manual mode is great. I love that I can customize my own massage to fit my needs.

  • Review by:

    Review Rating


    This chair is not only comfortable but gives a great massage. I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of buying a massage chair.

  • Review by:

    Review Rating

    Riage Massage Chair

    WONDERFUL chair! I use the Extend mode every night. My boyfriend has MS and he uses the chair constantly. It has helped tremendously.

  • Review by:

    Review Rating

    No regrets!

    "Having sat in almost all the massage chairs on the market today, I can say that this chair creates an unrivaled, out of body experience owing to the rocking massage technique & the new rubbing massage capability which mimics the feeling of human hands. All massage techniques for this chair travel from the neck to the glutes!"

  • Review by:

    Review Rating


    The remote control is so simple to use, but the chair has so many options ... it is just fantastic! It is easy to set-up, and I think it looks great in home.

  • Review by:

    Review Rating

    Incredible chair, so many features in such a perfect form factor!

    I have never been in a chair that is this feature packed, and yet does not take up the entire living room. Incredible massage that goes all the way to the thighs! Feels incredible. And the rest mode that rocks you back and forth like a baby is so relaxing you have to try it to "get it". Pop in some soothing music, close your eyes, and relax like you have never relaxed before. I can't say enough about the Riage. It truly is a Relaxing Massage!

  • Review by:

    Review Rating

    Love the Rocking Feature!

    I love the rocking feature...it is incredible relaxing! It has so many different settings and techniques. Love the deep massage I get, and the ability to really pin point tense or tight muscles. Also, I want to say that your team was very helpful, and the delivery and set-up went as scheduled. Thank you Michael M, pleasure doing business with you.

  • Review by:

    Review Rating

    Best Chair I have Owned!

    "I love love love the neck and back massage on the Riage. I have chronic tension/neck shoulder pain; the rollers really seem to get right at the top of the shoulders, and it really gives a complete neck and shoulder massage. it is a great relief for me. The rocking feature is totally unique, and so thoroughly relaxing. I have tested many different massage chairs, and this is by far the best massage chair experienced!"

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